I : Extreme Submission is a nod to a phenomena; it’s psychological, it’s sexual, it’s social, but most importantly it’s personal and it’s solitary. There are multiple definitions, but you can define it as: “...[The] submissive state assumed by a performer using a mediating technology in the pursuit of interacting with a pre-constructed interface for the purpose of a social activity having already accepted to yield to a superior feeling, person, or force. “

II: “Extreme Submission is an invisible, unbreakable fever.”

III : “These activities can be realized in physical space, cyberspace, fantasy-space, or any other space. They are often times sexual in nature but not always. This submissive state is propelled by obsession or compulsion in addition to desire. It may turn to habit and seek resolve, but it nearly always undergoes a transference in lieu of a finite dissolution.”

IIII : “The blindness of submission can near total and aids in the destruction of itself and others.”

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[runtime : 6m 10s]

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SHAWNÉ MICHAELAIN HOLLOWAY lives inside you, inside the “hearts and minds of my viewers” as she says (1), inside computational spaces of imaginal technologies and scopic desires.

SHAWNÉ MICHAELAIN HOLLOWAY creates spaces: she is inside systems of play-spaces she has created to perform in, performance spaces to critique from, inside out, to online networks. She is building a peephole, as she s ays, in this exhibition for itselfxitselfx. This urgent work is a labor of generosity and also of necessity because desires emerge from and form our needs.

At times, in this exhibition of EXTREME SUBMISSION, you may feel as if you are looking at SHAWNÉ MICHAELAIN HOLLOWAY. You may feel that you are looking through the screen, and that she is on the other side, in a seemingly familiar room, a bedroom, an interior space, a space of intimacy, a cultural geography, a specific location in timespace bounded by specific sets of ongoing power relations, of intimate connections across vast networks of hardware and software. You may feel that you are looking inside of her. When this happens it is important for you to remember that SHAWNÉ MICHAELAIN HOLLOWAY holds the permissions on this account and she decides to give; exchanging responsibility, she is submitting herself to you and you are working hard to imagine her, to conceptualize and to see her, reaching out to/through the screen …blow smoke to her. She is not looking into you, she is working this through you, experimenting with and challenging expectations, hardness, and power dynamics; she is thinking and feeling EXTREME SUBMISSION through you, from inside out.

- jonCates and Chelsea Welch (SEPT 2017)

Sandra Song for PAPER Magazine (03/17/16 at 11:52 AM) http://www.papermag.com/shawne-1668300350.html

ITSELFXITSELFX is a New Media Gallery for Online Exhibitions and Digital Collections of Art. Chelsea Welch curates and jonCates founded this web-based project space in 2015. Previous solo exhibitions include the inaugural exhibition of Li Huei Huang’s "Performance of Selfie" followed by Anna Russett’s “A Labor Of Likes”.

SHAWNÉ MICHAELAIN HOLLOWAY is an internet artist using sound, video, and performance to re-stage personal narratives through materials appropriated from the web. her work shapes the rhetorics of technology and sexuality into a tool for exposing structures of oppression. it has been exhibited internationally in spaces like the Festspielhaus Hellerau (Dresden, DE), Lafayette Anticipation (Paris, FR), and on NTS Radio (London, UK.)

See more @ http://shawnemichaelainholloway.com.

♡ Special thanks to Benjamin Gaulon, Emmanuel Guy, jonCates, Chelsea Welch, Iryne Roh, and all of my lovers in 2016. ♡